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"I love my tattoo, so does everyone. Mahalo Mori"

"My permanent eyeliner looks terrific."
varicose vien renewal

"Now that my tattoos from Mori are complete, it has changed the way I view my body. My breasts look beautiful to me again. I am so

A self concious high hairline refreshed and loved.



"Today I went and got 2 tattoos from Mori ink!! It was the best tattoo experience I have ever had.. the environment was so relaxing and welcoming!! I loved the fact that she helped me personalize my tattoos 


and make them unique!! I love both of them so much and have found my forever tattoo artist!! Finding an amazing tattoo artist is like having a great doctor or a new pair of jeans you just can never let them go... thank you again so much for my amazing tattoos!"

"One of my most unique and powerful transformations, with the help of Mori, was turning a scar that represented cancer and all its uncertainty about life, fears, and chaos to an incredible flower lei. I no longer see a scar. I feel beauty, hope, and love. I truly have moved from survivor to thriver!"

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