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Mori can numb the pierced area by use of a topical or ice especially for young ones. We like children to be at least 5 years of age for piercing rites so that they can tolerate cold so to avoid unnecessary trauma and pain. The anticipation is far worse than the actual split-second of time that a piercing takes.

How do I Care for my new piercing?


Piercings may form a crusty discharge. Warm water removes crust very effectively and NuTattoo products are highly recommended instead of peroxide or alcohol that break down skin tissue. Healing time is typically


6-12 weeks, some piercings up to 1 year. Always keep piercings clean. Dirty hands, body fluids, rough treatment, chlorine and inappropriate treatment are the number one irritants for new piercing. It is always wise to clean body piercings after strenuous activities. Metal detectors are not likely to be affected by body piercings unless you have a large concentration of piercings in one spot or wear very heavy gauge jewelry. Never force jewelry into a shrunken hole. Taper bars are used to stretch holes one gauge at a time. 6 to 12 months are recommended between any stretching so that stretching occurs vs. ripping.


Why do people choose to pierce their genitials ?


Most genital piercings are intended for adornment and sexual enhancement. Be certain that the jewelry is the right size and style so that this purpose is served. A new piercing can provide a pathway to infection carried by bodily fluids. Condoms or Dental Dams should always be used when appropriate during the healing process. Wait on piercing of the nipples if you are breast feeding. Nothing should interfere with caring for your baby. For future reference the piercing will not block any milk ducts, but the jewelry from healed piercings should be removed while nursing.

Body Piercing:

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