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the delicate feminine of the Phoenix.

many meanings

a custom arm design

one stem

beauty of spring

The mystery of life

Symbolism for the system of life

Dad's Dragon

Very special illustration by his father in a children's book he wrote in the 1950's.

Hena inspired design

Hena inspired design to flow with the contour of her upper arm.

celestial romance

This client experienced dramatic nerve movement while receiving this tattoo. Together we made it through. So small, so beautiful.

Beautiful dreamer

The marking of life long friendship.


A professional spinner marks her craft.


This client had reconstruction after breast cancer with her own belly tissue. Now she has a beautiful lei over her scar. Each flower has individual meaning for her.

Little blue bird

A little bird of happiness

Nipple pigmentation

Plain, as if natural, and complete.

camouflage of varicose veins.

The beauty and grace of a heron

a dream....

This client feared the ocean and went to Hawaii to learn how to surf. The tattoo is an actual silhouette of her riding the waves.

Baby's foot on mama's

A meaningful way to mark the milestone and connection of birth.

eight ball hugger

the luck of an Irish fairy

gadspy tattoo

The Great Gadspy for a theatre major.


Most women will not even have breakfast with their partner before applying their eyebrow pencil. Now this client no longer worries.

The importance of our friends, the bees.

taking responsibility in her own way.

For the love of diving for dad and a soccer ball placed inside the skulls mouth for daughter.

Coy and dragon combo energy.

American tribal

This piece is his own meaningful design.

ode to the rat family. In honor of the loss of a pet.

tree of life

The expression of precious life.

baby in flight

Another vision made into reality. This mama wanted a butterfly and her newborns foot prints. Her customized, unique design Mori Ink created paved the way for others.

simple and sweet

American tribal

This gentleman, in his middle years has marked the milestone of continued physical work out and what it takes to maintain his fit body.

coy twins

The twins of Pisces

Piercings can be an empowering form of expression.

a dedicated Giants fan

A dedicated Giants fan honors the young talent of Willie Mayes with his silhouette and signature.

woman's self healing tree

This woman has continually added to her vision with this spirited tree goddess expressing the feminine.

tribal Pheonix, out of the ash and rebirthed.

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