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 Permanent Cosmetics

The exact origins and beginnings of the ancient art of Permanent Cosmetics is unknow. Permanent makeup lasts for years, enhancing our natural beauty with 

eyeliner, liberating those who have little or no eyebrows, and correcting inadequately tweezed or waxed brows.


What would it be like to leave time consuming traditional applications of makeup behind? How would it feel to be maintence free with confidence in the swimming pool, hot weather, and romantic moments?


We now have the amazing opportunity to get up, go, and be ready for just about anything, anywhere, and any time!














Clients are booked in two hour increments so that there is plenty of time for consultation, numbing, and procedure. It takes 7 to 10 days for the healing process to be complete. It is very important to not disturb the treated area. A cold compress can be used the following morning for 20 minutes maximum to help soothe skin and minimize swelling. NuTattoo designed by Mori is an amazing topical aftercare is highly recommended and available for purchase to assist with swelling, itching, and any irritation of the skin. Contact lenses can be used only after eyes are completely healed.

Note: contact lenses can be used only after eyeliner is completely healed.


Applications may flake while healing, and it is perfectly normal. Moisture on the treated area should be avoided for the first 48 hours and used sparingly for the duration of the healing process. Over saturation of the treated area causes scabs to come off prematurely, resulting in loss of color. Scabbing does not look like a typical blood scab. The new color rises ever so slightly. Skin may swell minimally. Mori Ink can be contacted for consultations to answer a any questions or concerns. 


Our Philosophy:


We are here as a catalyst for you to reach your goals through body enhancement by providing a comfortable and professional environment that makes your experience simple, safe, and beneficial. 


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