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What can I do to prepare myself for getting a Tattoo, Piercing, or permanent cosmetics?


Before receiving tattooing, piercing, or permanent makeup application, make sure that you know what kind of sterilization methods are used (i.e. autoclave, ultrasonic).Try to find out if the tattoo, piercing or permanent cosmetics establishment is drug free. Drug free tattoo studio environments tend to be more consistent with services as well as sterilization. If you have any conditions that effect healing consult your physician. Also, be sure to eat at least one hour before hand. Do not consume alcohol or take any drugs before tattooing, piercing, and permanent makeup. Alcohol and drugs thin the blood and escalate sensation (pain). So avoid alcohol and drugs before tattoos, piercings, or permanent cosmetics. Relax and breathe steadily. Holding your breath leads to hyperventilation. Bring a friend along for support.


How do I know an establishment practices in a clean environment?


Mori Ink provides a clean and sterile environment that is warm, comfortable and relaxing for tattoos, piercings, and permanent makeup. Our professional female tattoo artist specializes in fine line and color work. Custom tattoo designing is also available. Mori Ink uses the most up to date, state regulated methods for tattoos,  body piercing, and permanent cosmetics. Hospital type sterilization and single service nontoxic colors and needles are provided for each client procedure followed with step by step aftercare instructions.



How old do I have to be for tattoo, piercing, and permanent makeup?


Oregon law requires one to be 18 years or older for tattooing. However, you may be younger for piercing if accompanied by a legal guardian. A photo ID with date of birth must be presented at each time of service. Confidentiality is guaranteed.





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