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...everyone deserves a basic quality life. chocolate, sex, and silly play. explain and be completely understood is over-          rated. a second chance, I'd be a singer.

...diving is the closest thing to being out of this world.

...there is a level of social in everyone.'s easy to love.

...everyone has an amazing story.

...old doors and hardware are irresistible.

...ordinary is extraordinary., dance, and laughter are great medicine.

...experiencing the unfamiliar is exhilarating.

...women hold the seed and are catalysts in our                 world.

...nature and animals are my relations.

...creating, drawing and doodling is a strong form of         meditation.


Bonus Facts:

I Believe...

Sharing rites of passage with my son.
  • Dragging my feet in Autumn leaves is a seasonal must.

  • Snowflakes and passion flowers remind me of Dr. Seuss.

  • One of the things I miss most from the Midwest are fireflies.


Other forms of Art:

Fancy Dance
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